9 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes Ideas

Turkey may take centre attraction of your table. To make a great, well-rounded Thanksgiving feast, you want a variety of side dishes. 

Easy Creamed Spinach


you want to fill the sideboard with as many classic dishes as you can—and nothing is as classic as creamed spinach!

Spiced Red Cabbage


Turn your average head of red cabbage into a wow-worthy side!

Pork-and-Sage Stuffing


It's not Thanksgiving without stuffing! The secret to this classic side is in using really good bread

Sweet-and-Sour Onions


If creamed onions are a part of your holiday feast tradition, consider switching it up this year with a tasty update.

Easy Root Vegetable Gratin


This unfussy holiday side is easy to toss together

Cream Cheese Herb Biscuits


These smart seasoned sides are flavored with chives, asiago cheese to make them extra delicious.

Bourbon Yams


Forget the marshmallow topping: Whip your sweet potatoes thoroughly with a good helping of bourbon, and top them with toasted walnuts instead.

Cranberry-Grape Sauce


For those who find the time-honored Thanksgiving condiment a little too mouth-puckering, we offer this sweeter edition.

Thanksgiving Crab Cakes


These decadent cakes are a Southern costal tradition — one that's worth spreading to the rest of the country.

Why is Thanksgiving celebrated on a Thursday?