AI may replace these 10 jobs in USA and across the World

There are rumors that AI might take our jobs since OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other AI comes in the market

These AI bots have been use to write content, essays, software coding, letter also give you information about anything in the World as like Google

ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 and have downloaded by more than 20 billion user across the world


According to a 2013 University of Oxford study, 47% of US jobs could be taken by AI over the next 20 years, but......

...."AI will never be as good as the best experts in a field," one Wharton business school professor said

NO ANY JOB WILL BE REPALCED BY AI because AI doesn't provide more accurate work as Human do but obviously it will reduce the job opportunity 

Here in the next slides see the list of 10 jobs where job opportunity can be reduce and cut down by companies

230,000 jobs could disappear by 2025, according to research from consulting firm Opimas

1. Finance Job

AI will cut down many jobs in this field and customer general query will get solved using chat boat options

2. Customer Care

AI may also cut down many teachers jobs & YouTube, other educational website has already cut down jobs in this field

3. Tutor

As AI is capable to do content writing, Website Creation, Ads optimization work so companies will hire less for this position

4. Media Jobs

AI will not replace programmers anytime  but might perform coding and developing tasks in the future

5. Computer Programmer

Traders says it's not. AI will never replace the thinking and skills of a good portfolio manager

6. Traders

It may reduce Junior Graphic Designer role as AI has many graphic design abilities to generate simple design

7. Graphic designers

Junior Accountants may see their jobs at risk because of AI ChatGPT tool

8. Accountants

AI can analyse data, predict the future of data and given outcomes that’s why research analyst job is also getting reduced

9. Market research analysts

Although they cannot completely be replaced, AI can imitate some of the work that paralegals and legal assistants do.

10. Legal industry

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