Top 7 Richest Actors of United States of America

Actors are one of the highest-paid workers in the entertainment industry. 

These performers have established themselves through high-profile movies and popular TV shows, and as a result, they have amassed enormous riches.

Disclaimer: The listicle is based on the cumulative wealth of the actors.

Your favorite on-screen stars are some of the wealthiest in the world as well as in USA

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth - $1 Billion

Jerome Allen Seinfeld is a highest net worth actor and also a well-known stand-up comedian, writer and producer of America


Tyler Perry Net Worth - $1 Billion

Tyler Perry is an American actor & the creator and performer of the famous character, Madea, a tough elderly woman based on his mother and his aunt. 



Dwayne Johnson Net Worth - $800 Million

Dwayne Johnson has worked in various fields, including acting, producing, business, football, and wrestling. His skills as an actor that has allowed him to become  rich.


Tom Cruise Net Worth - $620 Million

Tom Cruise has gained a reputation by himself as an action actor and is renowned for pulling off the majority of the perilous movie stunts by himself.


George Clooney Net Worth - $500 Million

He is an actor, filmmaker who is also known for his political and economic activism, won  4 Golden Globe, 2 Academy Awards & 1 British Academy Film Award.


Robert De Niro Net Worth - $500 Million

He has been in the film industry since 1970s and his notable works include Bang the Drum Slowly, Mean Streets, The Godfather Part II, Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter.


Best known for his iconic role in the Terminator. He is an Austrian-American actor, film producer, businessman and former bodybuilder

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth - $450 Million

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