US employers added 263,000 new jobs

263,000 new jobs in September has been added by USA employers as the unemployment rate dipped to 3.5%.

315,000 jobs added in August however its again gone down to 263,000 jobs in September and far lower that the 420,000 average monthly gain in 2022.

US Employers are still adding employment but not compared to last year also the growth has remined robust despite rising interest rates and growing fears of a recession.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast 250,000 job gains, with estimates ranging from as low as 127,000 to as high as 375,000

Russia-Ukraine war also one of the major fact which impacted US inflation rises to new 40-year high

Employers have shifted hiring patterns & expecting a less tight market for new talent however market experts say that market would still be considered tight by historical standards.

As per source information earlier entry-level pay around $9 per hours however its was $14 per hours before pandemnic yet employers are still stuggling to fill vacancies

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