Why Isn't My Hair Growing?

Keep your hair shorter and more manageable with regular trims, but it's fun to change it up and go for long hair

if your hair growth seems to halt instead of steadily gaining the length you crave, it can be beyond frustrating


Genetics play a role in how quickly and easily our hair will grow, as well as the overall thickness


"High levels of stress can cause telogen effluvium that can lead to temporary balding or an overall decrease in the rate of hair growth


While some medications might affect the hair growth cycle negatively, some supplements can do the opposite.


Hormonal imbalances, such as those caused by menopause or thyroid issues, can cause hair to become thin and stop growing

Poor Diet

Eating a diet that is low in essential vitamins and minerals can cause your hair to become brittle and weak

Avoid Too-Tight Hairstyles

Avoid Harsh Hair Products

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