Actors Who Were Drunk on Set While Filming a Movie

Margot nervously admitted her first on-camera sex scene in the film. Tequila shots helped calm her down and overcome the jitters effectively.

Margot Robbie – The Wolf of Wall Street

In one of the scenes where he is riding an escalator in a heavily drunken state, he is so drunk that he falls asleep while standing up and had to be jolted to reach the top.

Billy Bob Thornton – Bad Santa

Lawrence said that sometimes the movie's lead stars would get bored between shots, and they would head to her trailer to get drunk. 

Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games

While Depp didn't admit to drinking, bottles and cigarettes were visible daily. The characters and movie shots involved multiple leads indulging in alcohol, celebrating Hunter's enjoyment of drinks.

Johnny Depp –  The Rum Diary

He  came to shoot in the morning, and his alcohol from last night wouldn’t wear off, and he was pretty lost and drunk. But it seems like he still pulled off brilliant acting.

Daniel Radcliffe –  Harry Potter Series

Sheen impishly said that it was his 36th birthday at the shooting of this scene, and he was drunk and broken and ended up punching the mirror a lot harder there was real blood.

Martin Sheen – Apocalypse Now

Back in the times when Ethan was shooting for Can’t Hardly Wait. He said he was heavily addicted. He smoked so much pot that he barely remembers the whole experience of shooting the movie.

Ethan Embry – Can’t Hardly Wait

The film was shot in a brewery, and the beer was pretty cheap, so not just Anna but almost everyone was drunk on the set, even at the kickstart of the day.

Anna Kendrick – Drinking Buddies

He needed to bring out the Southern Australian accent, and the outback weather was a bit too much for him. So, Pattinson decided to drink on the advice of his co-star.

Robert Pattinson –  The Rover

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