Top leading candidates for the American League and National League MVP?

As we head down the final stretch of the season, MLB’s brightest stars are putting their best foot forward

Adolis Garcia, Texas Rangers

Despite Texas' pitching hiccups, the Rangers are having a resurgent season due to their potent hitting. Garcia, a consistent run producer, has notably elevated his performance in 2023.

Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels

The Angels face a playoff race challenge. Ohtani's exceptional performance as a pitcher and hitter defies MVP convention.

Rafael Devers, Boston Red Sox

Boston's season was tough, but they've persevered. Devers, a consistent standout, is having another stellar year. If they secure a wild card spot, he could attract MVP attention.

Isaac Paredes, Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays cooled off after a strong start. Paredes, a key contributor, might be an underrated dark horse for an award.

Matt Olson, Atlanta Braves

The Braves got Olson in 2022, and now he's one of the game's best. Olson is dominating, making the NL MVP his to lose.

Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Dodgers

There are few things people can truly count on in life, but the Dodgers being in contention and Betts playing at an MVP-type level are two that baseball fans can bank on

Ronald Acuna, Atlanta Braves

Acuna is seemingly doing everything there is to do on a baseball field. His power numbers, run production, batting average and stolen bases figures are all impressive

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