Who invented ice cream?

Ice cream is a frozen sweet dessert made with milk, sugar, and flavors. It and comes in a variety of flavors and textures.

Ancient Persians are believed to have enjoyed a frozen concoction made from grape juice and snow...

...while Chinese emperors relished a frozen treat made from buffalo milk and rice.

Credit doesn’t go to a single person but as per source Marco Polo brings the ice-cream to the Western World however no historical evidence to back this claim.

As a diplomat in Paris, Thomas Jefferson developed a fondness for the frozen dessert and frequently served it at the executive mansion upon his return.

Jefferson wasn't the first person in America to make ice cream but he is credited as the first American to write down an ice cream recipe.

The exact origins of ice cream are unclear, but early versions of frozen desserts can be traced back thousands of years.

Several places around the globe have recorded their early versions of a sweet, frozen dessert.

China: Iced drinks: chilled milk flavored with camphor India: Kulfi: condensed milk frozen into molds

United States: Heavy cream blended with eggs and frozen to a thick consistency Italy: Water ice and milk sorbet

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