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Welcome to truetechniques.com

My name is Pradeep Gupta, a founder and author of this blog.

I am working a professional graphic designer. and my passion is blogging as well from last may years hence thought to start, learn, and share with you all.

About my blog:

http://truetechniques.com is a blog where you can have daily updates of Technology, blogging, Make money online, SEO, Tips & Tricks, YouTube Tips. We have tried our best to provide all the correct information for our visitors. As we can say it’s a multi-informative website for you.

Why I started blog:

Honestly speaking, to learn and earn from blogging and update myself with technology which can help to my audience as well.

My blog content language will be in Hindi because I would like to target Hindi audience more. I can help them in understanding more about technology, make money online.

My wish is also to create another Hindi blog so soon will create that as well (will update about this later once I will).

If you are also dreaming to start blogging and want to become your own boss, then i will suggest do not think too much and start it from today to learn and more money. The more you start late, more you will regret.

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