How to make money online by testing websites and applications

How to earn money online by testing website and app

Are you interested with online earning by just doing 5minutues work? So you are at right place and can earn $3-20 dollar per hours by just testing few website and applications. There are several legitimate platforms that allow you to earn money by testing websites and applications. This post will cover these thing if you are looking for Make money testing websites from home, how to make money online testing websites, how to test websites and apps for money

Tips and Tricks to earn money online

There are various ways to earn money online, and the opportunities can vary depending on your skills, interests, and availability Here are a few popular options: is a website (make money online by testing websites and applications) usability testing platform that connects website owners and developers with testers who provide feedback on the user experience of their websites or applications. The platform aims to help businesses improve the usability and effectiveness of their digital products by collecting user insights and feedback. Each test lasts 5 to 60 minutes and is completed with your computer, tablet or smartphone. Most tests are 20 minutes where you earn $10.

Steps to earn money through

Become a tester of websites and apps and earn $3 – $30 per test

ATTENTION!: You will not get paid if you don’t watch their training video available on this link website and read the frequently asked questions and answers below.

Here are the general steps to earn money through

  1. Sign up: Visit the website and sign up as a tester. You may need to provide some basic information and complete a qualification test.
  2. Qualification test: may require you to complete a qualification test to assess your suitability as a tester. This test typically evaluates your ability to provide valuable feedback on website usability.
  3. Receive testing invitations: Once you’ve qualified as a tester, you’ll start receiving invitations to participate in website usability tests. These tests usually involve navigating through a website and providing feedback on its functionality, design, and user experience.
  4. Complete tests: When you receive a testing invitation, you’ll typically need to follow the provided instructions, record your screen and voice while performing the tasks, and share your thoughts and feedback. Each test may have specific requirements and time limits.
  5. Submit your test: After completing a test, you’ll need to submit your recorded session and feedback through the platform. Make sure to follow their guidelines for submission.
  6. Earn money: typically pays testers for each completed test. The payment amount may vary depending on the length and complexity of the test. Payments are often made through PayPal, so you’ll need a PayPal account to receive your earnings.

Remember that the availability of tests may vary, and it may take some time before you receive testing invitations. It’s also essential to provide high-quality feedback and meet the requirements set by to increase your chances of receiving more testing opportunities and remember to visit the website and review their latest terms, conditions, and payment details for the most accurate and updated information on earning money through their platform.

As features and processes may have changed since my last knowledge update, I recommend visiting their website and reviewing their up-to-date information, terms, and conditions to get the most accurate and relevant details on earning money through their platform.

How typically works

  1. Businesses or website owners submit their websites or applications to for testing (earn money by testing apps).
  2. Testers, who have signed up on the platform, are selected to perform usability tests based on their demographic information and other criteria.
  3. Testers receive instructions and tasks to complete on the assigned website or application. They are asked to record their screen and voice while navigating the site and providing their feedback.
  4. Testers think aloud and express their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions as they complete the tasks and interact with the website or application.
  5. The recorded sessions and feedback are then submitted by the testers through the platform.
  6. reviews the submitted tests to ensure they meet quality standards and provide valuable insights.
  7. Once a test is approved, the tester is compensated for their participation. Payment is typically made through PayPal or other designated methods.

By collecting feedback from a diverse pool of testers, aims to provide website owners and developers with valuable insights on how to enhance the user experience, identify usability issues, and make informed design decisions.

However, please note that platform features, processes, and payment details may have changed since my last knowledge update. It’s always a good idea to visit the website and review their latest information and terms to get the most accurate and up-to-date details about their platform.

List of Website to earn money online by testing website and app

There are several legitimate platforms that allow you to earn money by testing websites and applications. Here are a few popular options:

  1. UserTesting: UserTesting is a well-known platform that connects testers with companies looking for feedback on their websites and apps. Testers are asked to navigate through the provided website or app while recording their screen and providing their thoughts and feedback. Payment is typically around $10 per 20-minute test.
  2. TryMyUI: TryMyUI offers website and app testing opportunities to users who sign up as testers. Testers perform tasks and share their feedback through screen recordings. Payments range from $5 to $10 per test, and tests usually take around 20 minutes to complete.
  3. Userlytics: Userlytics is a user testing platform that provides opportunities to test websites, apps, prototypes, and other digital products. Testers are asked to complete tasks while recording their screen and voice. Payments vary depending on the complexity of the test and typically range from $5 to $20 per test.
  4. UserFeel: UserFeel, mentioned earlier, allows testers to provide feedback on website usability. Testers navigate assigned websites, record their screen and voice, and share their thoughts and impressions. UserFeel pays around $10 per test, and payments are usually made through PayPal.
  5. Validately: Validately offers remote user testing for websites and apps. Testers are invited to perform specific tasks and provide feedback while recording their screen and voice. Payment varies based on the test duration and complexity (online user testing get paid).

These platforms provide opportunities to earn money by testing websites and applications. It’s important to note that the availability of tests may vary, and it may take some time before you receive testing invitations regularly. Additionally, each platform may have its own specific requirements, payment methods, and guidelines, so it’s advisable to review the details and terms of each platform before signing up.


In conclusion, earning money online offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals with different skills and interests. Whether you choose to freelance, take surveys, create content, sell products or services, provide tutoring, engage in affiliate marketing, or participate in stock trading, there are avenues available to generate income through the internet.

However, it’s important to approach online earning with realistic expectations. It may take time and effort to establish yourself and start earning a significant income. Building a solid online presence, acquiring relevant skills, and consistently delivering quality work are key factors in achieving success.

Additionally, it’s crucial to be cautious and aware of potential scams or fraudulent platforms that promise easy money. Researching and verifying the legitimacy of any online earning opportunity before investing your time or money is essential.

Ultimately, online earning can be a rewarding endeavor, providing flexibility, independence, and the potential to generate income from the comfort of your own home. As with any venture, it’s important to evaluate your skills, interests, and goals to find the most suitable method for earning money online.

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